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When other companies claim "It can’t be done.”
Party Line says “Why not? We can do that!”


NY Production Rentals offers more than just top of the line rentals. We also provide helpful services, including event layout, delivery, set-up and on-site technicians. Service and quality are a priority in our full-time, year round, one stop shop, from one of the New York Tri-State's leading rental companies. Service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your production.

Production Layout
Tell us what you have in mind and we can provide you with a CAD illustration of your site (see link at top of page for an example) Not sure if the location you scouted is going to be user friendly? We can also help with on-site planning.

Delivery & Set-up
We aren't 9 to 5'ers, we'll work around the clock if you need us to, even Sunday, evenings and holidays.

On-Site Technicians
Technicians are available to monitor the equipment at your event.

Own your own tent or equipment?
Our on-site technicians can install, dismantle, repair, wash and store your tent. Or, if you own your own equipment we have we have mechanics on duty full time who can repair most anything.

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